November News - Member Drive, Land Whispering, Red Nations Rise & Porangui


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If you've been to the Foundation of Light recently, you'll know that there's a whole lot happening these days. New weekly classes are starting, different types of amazing workshops are being offered, groovy concerts are on the calendar and talented new people are getting involved - wow! The busyness and high energy is wonderful, and a feeling of delightful renewal is growing in our hearts. We are grateful to all of you - members, volunteers, facilitators, supporters and attendees - for making this happen. Together we have initiated a collective resurgence!

Our attention is now zooming in on financial sustainability, so that all these expanded activities are
well-supported. One of the best ways to do that is to grow our membership. So if you would like to see the Foundation of Light continue to shine brightly in this beautiful corner of the planet, we encourage
you to become a member. Your participation as a member strengthens our core, and helps us serve the greater community as an inclusive spiritual center where all may learn and grow through meditation,
healing, study, movement, the arts and meaningful service.


Our Membership Drive is now in full swing, with a goal of 400 members. There are several membership levels to choose from - Helping - $55, Supporting - $111, Family - $222, Sustaining - $369 and Lifetime - $1111. Members get free use of the library or meditation room for three hours, and soon we will be creating a member directory so you can promote your skills and products to this welcoming community. To join on an annual basis, please fill out our membership form.

There's also an option to pay monthly, as we recognize that paying $11/month can feel better than paying $111 all at once. Follow the link to set up a monthly recurring payment.

A Fun-Raising Membership Party is being planned for mid-December, with some exciting incentives to join! We are in the process of setting the date for that, and more details will be coming soon.

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We are excited to be hosting Dr. Patrick MacManaway for a weekend of Land Whispering on Nov. 10-12. He'll share with us the principles, practices and effects of deep connection with natural earth energies, elementals and nature spirit intelligences, and share exercises to help us practice connection and communication with them in a spirit of love, respect and creative cooperation.

Patrick is offering an introductory public program on Friday evening and a more intensive workshop that lasts the whole weekend. Some scholarships are available for the weekend training, and we especially encourage young adults and members of the BIPOC community to apply.

One thing that's special about Patrick is that he has a close connection with the FOL. Our founders visited his family's healing center in Scotland in 1970, which positively impacted their decision to start the Foundation of Light. We'll hear the full story when he's here!

Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits – the Sacred and Fertile Relationship - Nov 10 at 6:30pm
Drawing from 30 years of work in landscapes in the US, UK and Australia, Dr. Patrick MacManaway will show slides and tell stories to remind and inspire us to connect deeply with the interactive and responsive consciousness of land, plant and animal life that we live within, and by whose grace and favor we can celebrate and thrive. Details / Registration

Land Whispering: Connecting and Communicating with the Natural Intelligences Surrounding Us - Nov. 10-12
Throughout the ages, our lives and our living have been rooted in our ability to communicate and cooperate with the vibrational intelligences that govern the natural world - elemental and nature spirits, weather, wind and tide, plants and animals. These forces are always available and willing to engage, communicate and cooperate with us. This weekend workshop dives deeply into the concepts presented in the session above. Details / Registration

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Nov. 11 at 7:15pm - Dances of Universal Peace
Every two months, the Foundation of Light hosts Dances of Universal Peace, a timeless and beautiful experience of dancing and singing in a circle. This is a spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on sacred phrases, songs and poetry from many wisdom traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chants, live music and simple movements into a living experience of unity and peace. We dance to create peace
within ourselves, our communities and the world. No experience is necessary; just an open heart, willing spirit and respect for the sacred space we create. Details

Nov. 3 at 6:00pm - World Rhythms Universal Drum Circle
Explore rhythm and spirit in community! This drum circle is open to all ages and levels. In each session, we'll start with a brief meditation, learn new rhythms and vibe in the universal pulse. Please bring your own drum. There may be a few extras to borrow. Details

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Nov. 4 at 7:30pm - Red Nations Rising Fundraiser
Come listen to great music and show your support for this restorative justice initiative, remembering, and roundtable national dialogue between Native America and non-Native America oriented towards healing historical trauma and multi-generational grief. Live music by Cozmic Theo, Hollings, Jon Petronzio, and Jon Lee Rucker. Come dance and celebrate the kick-off of Red Nations Rising's reconciliation tour with soulful, conscious original music! There is also roundtable discussion with tribal elders earlier in the day at Cornell. Details

Nov. 18 at 7pm - Poranguí - The Beauty Way Tour: A Transformative Music, Dance, and Healing Experience
Multicultural musician, healer, and educator Poranguí and co-facilitator Ashley Klein will create an intentionally curated container to experience the healing power of music and authentic expression. The Beauty Way Tour offers participants an evening of improvised world soul music, dance, and sound healing along with a unique opportunity to connect with themselves and their community, emerging, transformed and more whole. Details / Tickets 

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Mondays at 6:30pm - Monday Meditation: Breath and Body
Do you want to meditate but find it hard? Revitalize your practice on Mondays with Gracie DeGeorge! This meditation session is for beginners and experienced practitioners alike - but is focused on those who struggle to meditate, want to meditate, or have fallen out of practice but would like to begin again. Details


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 Sundays at 10am - Yoga with Lara: Slow Flow Vinyasa
Join Lara Greene for a sweet, soulful and ceremonial 70-minute slow flow vinyasa yoga class to ease into your Sunday morning with clarity and joy. Students are encouraged to breathe deeply, move slowly, and tap into their innate intelligence in an encouraging and uplifting community of practitioners. Preregistration is required. Details / Register

Tuesdays in November at 7pm - Harp Elementals
Pamela Goddard is offering a four session class and meditation exploring essential Buddhist teachings intentionally interwoven with harp music, meditation and group discussion. We will work with the four basic areas of awareness for breathing meditation - Body, Feelings, Mind, and “Objects of Mind” - one area per week. Details

Nov. 17 at 1:00pm - 6:00pm - Red Cross Blood Drive
There is a huge need right now for blood donors! If you donate this month you get an exclusive pair of Elf & Red Cross socks, while supplies last. Help make giving blood a holiday
tradition! Details / Registration

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 Nov. 29 at 6pm - Star Talk: Winter Constellations & the Christmas Star
Using the best interactive astronomy apps, astronomer Becky Sydney will share the night sky with you in real time. Find your way - from the North Star to Orion to Taurus the Bull and the Gemini Twins. The brightest stars, visiting planets and cool deep space objects will be explored as well - and the Moon! Details

In addition to all of the events mentioned so far, we also offer weekly classes and sessions in meditation, dance and intuitive healing. View the full calendar for details.

Your assistance in spreading the word about the Foundation of Light is greatly welcomed and valued! Feel free to forward this email to friends and family so they can learn about what we have
to offer. Thank you!