June Special Events

June is a busy month for us with several special events and many recurring classes and happenings. Check out our calendar or click on the links below for more info. Consider clicking the SUBSCRIBE
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Summer Solstice Dawn Ceremony - June 21; 5-8am

Join us at our Stone Circle for a sunrise Summer Solstice ceremony! We'll gather at about 5:00 am on Wednesday, June 21st, meditating in silence at first while we prepare to greet the sun's appearance on the Eastern horizon at about 5:40 am. After a short ceremony, there will be a community breakfast in the main building—please bring something to share. We will provide some nourishing porridge. You might also want to bring a chair with you to the Stone Circle.

This year's Summer Solstice events mark the restoration of a long-standing tradition at the FOL, and are another sign of renewal in our 50th year. The Stone Circle itself has been renovated in recent months, and if you haven't visited it before, dawn on the longest day of the year, the first day of summer, is a great way to learn about it and its uses for aligning with the Earth's energies.

Firewalk Empowerment Workshop - RESCHEDULED TO AUGUST 12; 7-10:30pm

On Saturday, August 12th, we're hosting a Firewalk, led by Foundation of Light board member Tony Simons. You'll gain a whole body understanding of how to bring more courage to the challenges in
your life. Something you'll remember forever! The firewalk-curious are very welcome. There's no pressure to walk the coals.

Pendulum and Dowsing Class - TO BE RESCHEDULED DUE TO TEACHER ILLNESS; 7-9pm

Renee Guidelli from the Heart Center in Wellsburg, NY is leading a engaging, hands-on introductory class in using the pendulum and dowsing rods. We'll learn how to use these divination tools to harness and apply our inner wisdom. After some time inside learning the basics, we'll go out to the stone circle and labyrinth to detect leylines and vortexes. Bring your curiosity, wonder and playful spirit for a very informative, enlightening and inspirational class.